Carlos Whittaker is bringing hope to humans all over the world. And he’s pretty good at it: he’s an author, podcaster, and global speaker backed by the power of a massive Instafamilia, his enthusiastic social followers who tune in daily to join forces with Carlos to find connection, do good, and be in community.

When Carlos enters a room, he makes people feel seen. Hissuperpower is creating spaces—online and in-person—wherepeople are safe to engage in conversation about the topics thatmatter most but are often avoided. His motto: don’t stand onissues, walk with people. That’s the professional stuff—but all day every day, Carlos is a family man.

He and his wife Heather lives in Nashville,Tennessee, with their three amazing children, where you can find them working on the family farm, planning trips aroundthe world, and dancing to Single Ladies (seriously, Google it).
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