A much-needed reminder about what it means to be truly human.
It sometimes feels like we’re all holding our breath
Just waiting for the next outrage, tragedy, or stressor to knock us back again.
Yes, a global pandemic forced us to be more physically isolated from one another. But beyond that, the connected disconnection of video meetings, masks, politicized hyper-awareness, tech addiction, content overload, and social unrest have all felt like a perfect storm eroding our relationships and even our ability to be human.

In How to Human, author and social media personality Carlos Whittaker leads us on a three-part journey, to “be,” “see,” and “free,” that we can pursue in order to all live together as the best versions of ourselves. This fresh vision to reclaim our love and joy leads us to a collective breath of air as we exchange division for real relationship. We can live up to our full potential. We can learn to trust and care for one another. We can see the humanity in those different from ourselves. We can navigate hard times with grit, kindness, and a good joke or two. In this book Carlos shows us how to move from me to we to everybody.
Isn’t it time we embrace the life-changing, hope-filled promise of being fully human?
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"Did politicians make us all forget how to human?
Should we point the finger at social media? Is the economy to blame? I’m not sure. But I am certain that Carlos has created an antidote to what ails us. Clear, hopeful, and full of truth, he has once again charted a path to a better world.”
New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks:The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
This book is for anyone who wants that too—it’s a must-read!
I couldn’t be more excited. Carlos continually reminds me that while there’s so much suffering in this life, there’s so much goodness too. He helps us see the people around us, remembering that everyday moments are something sacred.
#1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries
Carlos lives it first, writes it second.
This is one of his superpowers. He faces life’s challenges head on and then invites us to do the same. How To Human is inspiring, challenging, inviting, and hopeful. This is the book we need right now.
New York Times bestselling author of That Sounds Fun
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