BONUS EPISODE: I'm Going on Tour with Annie F. Downs!!!

YOU GUYS! I'M GOING ON TOUR NEXT WEEK!! I get to spend the month of June on tour with one of my favorite people, Annie F. Downs. So many things in my life now are because of Annie. My speaking agent, my amazing management team, THIS PODCAST!!!! If you haven't met Annie yet, listen to this episode!! You'll get to hear all about who she is and how she's gotten there. I'm SO excited to spend a whole month on the road with her and our team and seeing all of YOU! Grab your tickets NOW before they're gone and come say hi at a show! June 7 - Sioux Falls, SD June 8 - Minneapolis, MN June 9 - Grand Rapids, MI June 11 - Indianapolis, IN June 14 - Charlotte, NC June 15 - Franklin, TN June 16 - Chicago, IL June 17 - Cincinnati, OH June 22 - Kansas City, MO June 23 - Dallas, TX June 24 - Austin, TX