Episode 010 - These Are YOUR Mind-Blowing Stories Of Hope!!!

I don’t know what just happened. I had a last-second idea to ask my Instagram familia to leave me voice messages on the best, most miraculous thing that has happened to them in the last 6 months… I thought I would get a few… “I got a new job!” messages… Which Are FANTASTIC… But little did I know HOW MANY MIRACLES AND HOPE FILLED STORIES would be waiting for me in my inbox. I’m honestly blown away and ready to hope forever. You guys are the real hope dealers. I’m just grateful that you let me gather you together. So if you are in need of some hope… From infertility to cancer, to job loss, to relationship loss, to dreams on hold… THIS IS THE EPISODE FOR YOU. Also here is my voicemail… Just click it and drop a note of encouragement for the Human Hope family. telb.ee/m0ukb As always we appreciate your reviews and you can keep up with these conversations on Instagram @loswhit

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