Episode 014 - How I lost my family… How I got them back… & How you can get past your self destructing behavior.

I realized after getting numerous messages from you that I have not gone into the story of how I lost my marriage and family and how I got them back…

Like I’ve written about it in detail in my book from 2017 but haven’t really talked about it online since then. With over 130,000 new friends around here I thought maybe some of you could use some encouragement that no matter how far away from freedom you feel, you are actually really, really, close…

Today’s episode I dive into 3 steps that will help you finally stop whatever destructive behavior you have been trying to stop on your own. (Clue phone: We ALL have them…)

Also we have a PRECIOUS MOMENTS DESIGNER on the pod along with your clean jokes and your stories of hope.

Today’s episode is truly fit to be called Human Hope!

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