Episode 025 - Karim’s Family Escaping Afghanistan & How To Break Up With Bad News

I’m still blown away at the opportunity I had to interview Karim. Karim was a translator for the United States Marines in Afghanistan and was granted permission to move to America but he had to leave his entire family behind. As Kabul has fallen to the Taliban Karim is now video chatting with his wife and children daily as they try and make their way to the airport to attempt to flee the country. His parents and siblings are still outside the airport walls trying to get in. Karim tells us what’s really happening. Thank you to World Relief for giving us access to Karim... You can donate to their incredible org here https://www.worldrelief.org/ We also dive into 10 tools we can use when the news is overwhelmingly bad that will keep our mental health… well… healthy. Thanks to our sponsor www.betterhelp.com/humanhope Click that to get 10% of your first month of online therapy.