Episode 026 - Chores, Discipline, Homeschool & More - Parenting w/ Heather Whittaker

So a few days ago I did a Q&A where I talked about how our kids have been doing all the laundry in the house since they were in elementary school.

Insert 4324325543 DMs as to how we pulled that off.

Yes it’s true.

Heather and I have not done any laundry nor have we even made our own bed since the kids were old enough to wash a dish.

We go over homeschooling, the sex talk, chores, allowance, technology, dating, roles, struggles, what we did wrong, and so much more.

Our way of raising kids IS NOT the best way nor the only way. But we’ve found the best way for our kids.

So take what we say with a grain of salt… But also know that we’ve known no greater honor than raising these kids.

Hope this helps you guys.

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