Episode 027 - How A White Conservative & Black Liberal Remain Best Friends… WE CAN DO HARD THINGS…

On Jan 6th, 2021 I got a text from a friend of mine… “I see now.”

Three words from a super close friend who lives on the opposite side of the aisle as I do.

Three words that finally broke me and I wept.

A white, conservative, middle-aged, Trump-voting man whom I love dearly.

We have had many deep talks the last 4 years. Me explaining the depths of my concern. Him listening and explaining his.

The goal wasn’t to turn him from his conservative roots.

The goal wasn’t to make him lean left.

It was simply to be seen.

And he saw me.

That doesn’t mean he turned his back on his values...

It simply meant he faced me and protected mine.

In today’s episode, I talk to one of my best friends Rob Sentell. And we talk about how to have rich and deep relationships with people whom you may massively disagree with on politics and policy.

Spoiler alert…

It’s not only possible…

It’s necessary…

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