Episode 029 - Living through 150 seizures a day. How Shanell @twolightsacademy is redefining HOPE.

3 months ago someone DMd me an account of a beautiful family who was going through hell. Shanell of @TwoLightsAcademy had the first seizure of her life in March of 2021 and her condition had rapidly deteriorated to where she was having up to 100 seizures a day… She was trying to raise $25k for a seizure alert dog and after a month of fundraising was stuck at $9k. Enter… InstaFamilia… I asked and in a little under an hour we had raised the remaining $15k for her dog and it kept going to $50k. 😭🖤 My Instagram community fell in love with Shanell and keeping up with her military husband and beautiful little “sprout” (her son) on her Instagram. Through raw and emotional posts she updated us on her journey until on August 7th, she stopped posting completely. I’ll be honest that I was really worried. She had recently updated us on a seizure that had almost killed her… After a week of BLOWING UP HER PHONE she finally texted me back 😂 and I’ve been keeping tabs on her the last month but today, she wants to update everyone. It’s not a medically wonderful update… But you would never know it listening to Shanell. If you have ever been in the pit of hell and you have been looking for how to find Hope… Let today’s convo with Shanell give you exactly what you need… We will continue to pray everyday for her healing but in the meantime be in awe of her strength… Thanks to our sponsors. Get 10% off your first month of therapy when you join Better Help at www.betterhelp.com/humanhope