Episode 033 - How To Pray And What Happens When It Doesn't Work? with Heather Whittaker

This week on instagram I asked people if they needed prayer to leave a comment. I was fully expecting like 300 comments. I got over 5000 requests. While many people told me that it felt heavy, I reminded them that this is normal. People are suffering and in need of our prayers all around us.

So today we dive deep with the prayer warrior herself, my wife, Heather Whittaker. Heather has studied inner healing prayer for years and is basically my go-to when it comes to questions on prayer.

Do I need to pray a certain way?

What if God doesn’t answer our prayers?

How can I know if God heard me?

Am I wasting my time praying for something God won’t answer?

Yes, we go there.

So if you have ever had a question on prayer or how to pray or if your prayer was even worth it…

Today’s the episode for you…

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