Episode 034 - How can we trust the news/media again? Interview with Washington Post Instagram Editor Travis Lyles

Is the news really the enemy of the people?

How can we trust a news source?

How do you keep your bias out of your reporting?

In today’s episode, I asked journalist Travis Lyles of the Washington Post all the hard questions. And I also take a peek into a journalist’s heart in 2021 when so many people bash them daily.

What’s that do to your soul when you are one of the good guys?

Travis was an incredible interview and I believe he will restore your faith in journalism again.

Travis Lyles is The Washington Post’s Instagram Editor.

Under Travis’s leadership, the account has grown faster than that of any other major news organization, expanding from 675,000 followers to more than 5.1 million.

Follow Travis on Instagram www.instagram.com/travislylesnews

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