Episode 041 - 5 Steps To Support The Marginalized with Carlos Whittaker

It’s been a hot minute since it was just you and I. And I’ve missed you!!!

Listen I LOVE our guests. I love learning from their POV, but every once in a while I love to just unload some learnings that the world has been showing me and today I unpack some learnings on how to truly be a better ally towards people groups that your heart aligns with.

We go through 5 steps…

  1. Define and Embrace The Definition
  2. Make It Personal
  3. Lesson Up
  4. Lose The Comfort
  5. Get In The Game

This isn’t an exhaustive list…

But I thin kit will help get you on the right track to make 2022 a year that we see those who have been oppressed or ignored finally be given a runway towards true equality.

And you are the key to unlocking that gift!

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