Episode 043 - Do you want your home to be filled with your kid's friends? Today the teens tell us how our home became that house.

If you follow me on instagram you see that we are in a season where our tiny house is constantly filled with teenagers we know and love as well as teenagers we don’t know. :)

It’s a zoo around here and we love it.

Heather and I hoped and prayed that our home would be “The House”. You know the one? The house that all the kids would hang out at?

And here we have found ourselves as THE HOUSE.

We don’t have a big house.

We don’t have a fancy house.

But in todays episode we ask the kids, why our house?

That’s right. The teenagers that take over our home on a nightly basis sit down with me and spill some good nuggets…

What has made this house the house that is at the center of their friend group universe?

This is such an insightful and timely conversation that I’m sure you will enjoy…

Kids or no kids…

It will help you create a culture of welcome in your home…

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