Episode 044 - Dementia won’t steal my father's story… with Fermin Whittaker

My dad has advance stage dementia. He can’t carry on a conversation with you for longer than 5 seconds. He no longer knows my wife. He no longer knows his grandchildren. He no longer really remembers anything about his life…

But you know what?

He is still… Him.

I catch glimpses of who he is.

There are tiny cracks into his soul that show up like magic every once and a while.

But I totally had forgotten about this treasure of a recording I had.

When I started noticing his memory problem…

I called him and recorded his story.

This conversation is 4 years old…

And it’s mind blowing how he could never have this conversation now.

But I’m so glad I had it with him then.

So please enjoy this conversation that may be the most inspiring conversation you have heard in a long time…

From my dad, who has dementia…

But dementia doesn’t have him…

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