Episode 045 - Being Happily Married With Opposing Hot Topic Views w/ Heather Whittaker

The other week I asked my wife Heather on my Instastory…”Hey babe! What are some things that we disagree on???” She answered without thinking…

“Politics, Parenting, and the Vaccine…”

And kept cooking dinner without skipping a beat. I kept on with the Instastory without skipping a beat. A few minutes later the DMs were FLOODED with my people asking how it was possible...

And so today we answer that question... along with a few others you asked like…

  1. How did you talk to your teen daughters & their boyfriends about sex?
  2. How do we develop close relationships with our kids?
  3. How do we handle disagreeing on parenting issues?
  4. How do we manage our finances?
  5. What does it look like to invite God into our marriage?

And so many more questions…

But we spend a bulk of this on how to navigate these deep divisions people are walking through in their relationships when it comes to politics ect…

I think it’s gonna be really helpful and hopeful for you!!!

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