Episode 046 - 1,000,000 Download Celebration & Why Giving Is The New Black with Jessica Jackley


We did it familia! No, you did it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this little experiment called “Let’s see if Carlos actually does this podcast thing longer than 3 weeks in a row”

I think the experiment worked!

So to celebrate, I’M GONNA GIVE ONE OF YOU $500!!!

All you have to do is email ⁠podcast@carloswhittaker.com⁠ a screenshot of you sharing the podcast (social media, text message, billboard, airplane skywriting) or/and leaving a review on apple podcasts or Spotify!

Also, we have the most remarkable Jessica Jackley on the show talking about how and why giving feels so good and how giving could be the way out of this rage-filled society we find ourselves in…

Here is where you can find Jessica’s new Altruist project!


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