Episode 047 - Questioning Everything You Ever Believed About God (Deconstructing)… w/ Derek Webb

Before I was Derek’s friend…

I was Derek’s fan.

I WAS INFATUATED WITH CAEDMON’S CALL and was certain they would ask me to be a member of their ever-growing band one day. The day never came BUT the day did come when Derek and I would end up being friends.

I’ve walked alongside Derek in various levels as he has walked a really public deconstruction of what he believes about Jesus, God, and Christendom.

This is a conversation between a friend who is a bible believing, Holy Spirit-filled, Jesus-following, church-going Christian, and a friend who isn’t most of those things.

This isn’t a conversation where we try and convince each other of our things.

This is a conversation where I ask Derek to help 2 groups of people.

Help those who are deconstructing feel less alone…

And help those of us who are not feel less afraid.

This conversation is so so helpful.

And what I’m even more excited about is how you will fall in love with my friend Derek.

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