Episode 048 - The Youngest Mayor Of A Large City In American History with Michael D. Tubbs

Every so often I feel like I’m getting things done. Like I’m accomplishing things in life. And then I meet a mayor of a city of 300,000 at 26 years old.

OK. OK. Yes I’m getting things done… but Michael D. Tubbs is making me feel all sorts of lazy!

In all seriousness Michael’s journey from nothing to everything is truly inspiring and I think you are going to love this convo with him.

At the age of 26, Michael D. Tubbs became the youngest Mayor of any major city in American history. As Mayor, Tubbs was lauded for his leadership and innovation. Under his stewardship, Stockton was named an “All-America City” in 2017 and 2018, saw a 40% drop in homicides in 2018 and 2019, led the state of California in the decline of officer involved shootings in 2019, was named the second most fiscally healthy city in California and one of the top most fiscally healthy cities in the nation.

Check out his work at ⁠www.mtubbs.com⁠

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