Episode 052 - The Black Aunties Teach Us About Will Smith, Their Hair, & The Beauty Of The HOOD…

The slap heard round the world.

When we went to bed after seeing Will Smith slap Chris Rock and all the convo on twitter was about assault and bad jokes…

When we woke up the convo had shifted to black woman… and staying in your lane…

So what happened?

Was this really about race?

Was this another moment to be quiet and just listen to black women?

Well instead of just wondering about it, I called on the aunties.

Sarah, Melinda, and Sharon are three of my good friends here in Nashville TN who are grace filled and fire filled.

They have loads of patience as I’ve watched them over the last few years help many in the white community understand what they have been through.

And so they came over and we talked about it all.

Toxic Masculinity in black culture.

Or is it really toxic?

Should Will Smith have slapped Chris Rock?

Teach us about the drama you have had to endure with your hair in the white space.

But most importantly…

They come to us with laughter and grace in a conversation about race like we have never had before.

You are about to fall in love…

Welcome to The Black Auntie Show…

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