Episode 056 - Parenting Dating Teens & Dating Teens Talking About Their Parents

If there is something I’m asked about ALL THE TIME in my DMs it’s how we manage our teens dating. And I normally avoid this question because it’s so nuanced per kid. But today Heather and I decided to bring the TEEN COUPLES on the podcast and ask THEM. We ask them… What rules do Heather and I have for our kids dating? What can parents do to set up a healthy dating culture in the home? How we fold the boyfriends into our family unit? How the younger sibling feels about his sisters having guys around all the time? I ASK MY MOM ABOUT MY TEEN DATING DAYS… I honestly think today is going to be helpful for relationships no matter if it’s with your kids, or friends, or other family members… So much gold. Thanks to our sponsors… Now What Book https://bit.ly/HHNowWhatBook Better Help https://bit.ly/HHBetterHelp Canopy https://bit.ly/HHCanopy