Episode 057 - Q&A - Losing Your Faith, Roe Vs. Wade, Compassion Fatigue, And So Much More!

This week I’m trying something different. I asked YOU what you wanted answers to and I got over 1,000 replies. So today I’m answering YOUR questions… And boy did you have some good ones…


  1. What are my thoughts on the Roe vs. Wade story?
  2. How do I deal with Compassion Fatigue?
  3. Should you make your teens go to church?
  4. Beat Fit Pro vs AirPod Pro
  5. What happens when I begin doubting my faith? (Which does happen!)
  6. How to have tough convos on hot topics
  7. Best 8-week-old puppy tips!

And so many more!!!

I loved this one and hope you do too…

Here is the Roe Vs Wade video I talked about...


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