Episode 061 - Why I Quit Leading Worship & Why You Maybe Need To Quit Something You're Good At Too

I was joking on Instagram this week how I was coming out of retirement to lead worship at my good friend Larry’s celebration of life service. Joking because I needed to find something to laugh about or I would cry and also joking because I was slightly terrified I may have forgotten how to do it. I mean I was leading worship on the same stage at Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Brandon Lake, John Mark McMillain, and so many other incredible worship leaders. But then something surprised me. It surprised me that so many people didn’t know that I ever did that. Like that was my main source of income for over a decade! And second, so many people wanted to know why I stopped. As I was going back through my story with a friend I realized that there are a lot of little nuggets that I think many of you that are feeling stuck in a job, or career, or maybe even a past calling, could use… Like I wish I knew someone that risked quitting something they were really good at to find success in something they didn’t know they would be good at WHEN I WAS QUITTING WORSHIP LEADING! So todays episode is simply my story of why I quit, and why I think maybe you need to quit something you are good at too! I hope you enjoy… Thanks to our sponsors… Athletic Greens https://bit.ly/HHAthleticGreens Chime https://bit.ly/HHChime