Episode 078 - Why Does God Let Bad Stuff Happen To Good People? with Wes Pickering

Have you ever begged God for something only to fall into deep disillusionment when He fails to come through for you?

Maybe you have been begging God for healing over sickness…

Maybe you have been waiting for a miracle that hasn’t happened in your relationships yet…

Maybe you have asked God for help financially and you are BROKE…

We all have felt disappointment when coming to God with stuff but what is the real reason why our suffering is happening and is God allowing all this bad stuff to happen?

Today I went to an amazing friend for his thoughts on this.

Wes Pickering is the online pastor t my church and one of the more trusted voices of faith in my life.

I love that Wes doesn’t avoid the tough stuff.

I also love that Wes walks what he talks.

He was in the thick of our battle during our month at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital 2 years ago with Sohaila.

And today I think he is going to give you words that finally make you go…


So enjoy this conversation with my dear friend Wes and make sure you follow him for an infusion of faith in your life…


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