Episode 092 - Thought’s On Giving Away $144,000 & I Read Chapter 1 Of How To Human

Y’all. I can’t. I CAN’T WITH YOU!

How are you so freaking incredible?

Like you single candidly (or 255,000 hands. Or is it double that cause you have 2 hands?) changed the lives of 8 people…

I’m so proud of us!

I dive into some deeper thoughts on what all this means today as well as I READ CHAPTER ONE OF MY NEW BOOK and can I tell you something…

NOBODY HAS HEARD ME READ IT so you get first dibs…

And I’m ad-libbing like a mad man so I think you’ll enjoy.

It’s a really good chapter. I was even amening myself lol.

If you enjoyed the book please preorder today! It comes out TUESDAY!!!


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