Episode 097 - The Full Story Of The Confederate Flag & How To Talk To Reluctant Family Members About Racism

So I posted a video on Instagram today about these 12 confederate flags that wave hello to me on a daily basis a few yards away from my house in Nashville, TN. I didn't think anyone would question the validity of my being offended. But then people did. And then I found myself having convos in my DM's that were eerily similar to my DMs in 2020. A lot of grace-filled yet OMG teaching. 

To be honest I was a bit bothered. I thought we were past this. But alas. There is more work to be done...

On today's episode, I go into detail as to who the person is who is flying these confederate flags so close to my face on a daily basis and I dive deep into why the confederate flag is so offensive. We deep dive into the historical evolution of the flag and what it has meant through the years. 

Knowing that some people see the flag as more of a pride of southern heritage. I discuss the problems with this.

I also give you 6 steps that can help you have those dreaded conversations about race with family members who dismiss racism as a political issue and not a real problem.

So in other words...

Today's episode is FULL of helpful stuff and I also let you in on last week's survey results!

You are going to love getting to know each other...

Here are some of the resources I used as data points in the podcast...







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