Episode 103 - Faith Series: My Personal Story

HEY HUMAN HOPE FAMILIAAAA! Today we are starting a new series on Faith based on your feedback and what you wanted to hear! My faith and how I go about doing the work I do go hand in hand even if “faith” isn’t the centerpiece of my weekly conversations on Instagram and here… With this week being Easter, and faith such a cornerstone in my life, I figured what better time to dive in than now. In this series we’ll have a wide spectrum of views, but this week I am doing something I haven’t really done before… I am sharing my personal faith journey with you!! Like from Sunday School to questioning if God is even real to what I believe now as a member of a local church… We dive DEEP into my story. _____ Episode 044 - Dementia won’t steal my father’s story… with Fermin Whittaker Thanks to our sponsors!! ATHLETIC GREENS: Go to athleticgreens.com/HUMANHOPE for a FREE 1-yearsupply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. INDEED: Need to hire? You need Indeed. Visit Indeed.com/HUMANHOPE to start hiring now. HIYA HEALTH: Receive 50% off your first order at hiyahealth.com/HUMANHOPE