Episode 112: Mental Health Series - CEO of Onsite Workshops, Miles Adcox

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I absolutely LOVED this conversation with the man, the myth, the legend - my friend, Miles Adcox. Miles is the CEO of Onsite Workshops here in Tennessee. Onsite is an emotional wellness lifestyle brand dedicated to changing the world through enhanced emotional health.

If you have read my book Kill the Spider, the story arch IS Onsite. It is all about my 7 days spent there and how it completely transformed my life.

Miles shares all about how therapy changed his own life and his journey that led him to starting Onsite.

We get into the importance of therapy and great first steps to finding your own therapist…

How to talk to people we love that are in our lives and present the option of getting help and going to therapy…

The ways EMPATHY can lead us towards healing through tough conversations and relationships….

And thoughts on why we now have a hyper-sensitive society…

If you have any questions about therapy, it is likely they will be answered in THIS episode!!!


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