Episode 114: Mental Health Series - Healing Our Trauma with Dan Allender

Listen to episode 114 HERE.

It is our final week of the Mental Health Series and these have been some of my FAVORITE episodes of ALL. TIME.

This week, I have Dr. Dan Allender, Founder and Lead Instructor, of the Allender Center at the Seattle School. I have been following his work for a long time and he is literally a hero of mine. I wish this episode could be 15 hours long it is SO GOOD. This was one of the more special podcasts I have ever recorded…

We unpack the “shattering of shalom” and what shalom really means.

All the ways we numb our pain AND the difference between numbing and truly moving forward…

Why we NEED one another to heal from our trauma and how to GRIEVE with each other…

Dan also gives us practical next steps if you yourself are dealing with trauma.

I am so excited to share this special conversation with you!


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