Episode 117: The Effects of Doom Scrolling

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We do NOT have the capacity to consume the amount of content we are consuming…

We are not designed to continue to consume content at the rate that we are.

This week, I get into DOOMSCROLLING - a problem that we ALL have.

We have been holding ANGER in higher regards than EMPATHY because we are only built for so much trauma gazing…..

It can affect us both mentally AND physically.

I share with you things we can do to stay empathetic and emotionally healthy while still keeping up with what is going on in today’s world as well as how to have healthy social media boundaries.

If you want to BE a more empathetic, compassionate HUMAN, this episode is for you….


Rolf Dobelli - Four Reasons You Should Stop Watching the News:  https://youtu.be/-miTTiaqFlI

Research Study -Staying informed without a cost -No effect of positive news media on stress reactivity, memory and affect in young adults: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8553098/

MoNews: https://www.mo.news/

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