Episode 120: The Most POWERFUL Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation You Will Hear w/Mathais and Steven

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I am FINALLY home from Rwanda and in Nashville for a minute before going out on TOUR!!!

Last week’s episode with Emmanuel really laid the groundwork for this episode, so if you haven’t listened to that one yet, go back and listen to it first!

This week, we are going to go deeper into the story and into the beauty of what the human spirit can accomplish… This week’s episode is very specific on FORGIVENESS and RECONCILIATION.

Mathias and Steven were the worst of enemies. Mathias actually murdered Steven’s entire family in the Rwandan Genocide.

You get to hear their story of forgiveness and reconciliation from THEM! Not only do you hear about the forgiveness between these two people who are now as close as brothers, you get to hear about how Mathais forgave himself, which is something we could ALL use a little bit of.

Just a warning, this is a heavy episode, and there are talks of violence, so this may not be the episode for our younger Instafamilia.


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