Episode 122: Parenting Series - My Kids' AMAZING Therapists, David Thomas and Sissy Goff

Listen to episode 122 HERE!

My kids' therapists are here!! I am SO grateful for David Thomas and Sissy Goff. They are the hosts of the Raising Boys and Girls podcast and are SO wise. They are also both Executive Directors of Daystar Counseling Ministries here in Nashville, TN. With a combined 50+ years of experience, they KNOW what they are talking about!!!

I’ve had each of them on separate episodes but never together. YOU AIN’T READY FOR THIS! You are going to need to grab a journal and a pen because some of what they share will literally change your life.

We lean into boys, we lean into girls, we lean into socialized behavior, we lean into medicated behavior, we lean into girls anxiety and perfectionism and how we tend to ask boys about what they do or think RATHER than how they feel. This episode is PACKED.

I cannot tell you enough about how this episode will impact you!!


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