Episode 123: Parenting Series - Building Your Community with Our Best Friends, Blake and Allie

Listen to episode 123 here!

This week, we have two of our very best friends, Blake and Allie. We raised our kids together. At least 50% of the things we tried with our kids, we got from Blake and Allie. WHEN I TELL YOU they have raised 4 of the greatest women on Earth! It’s been a joy to watch them grow.

In 2011, when I ruined my life and my family’s lives, they were the ones that said to me “you can live with us.” (If you don’t know this story, you can read about it in my book Kill the Spider). I don’t know that my healing could have happened without this family.

Now you know the guts of the relationship…

Today we talk about the importance of COMMUNITY when parenting…

How to create a safe space for our kids to not be okay…

The importance of not SHELTERING our kids from real life, but SHEPHERDING them to show the fruits of the Spirit through it all…


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