Episode 124: Parenting Series - Navigating Phones and Kids

Listen to episode 124 HERE!

This is quite possibly the MOST REQUESTED topic y'all ask me to talk about when it comes to parenting.

That's right... we're talking about PHONES.

This conversation will look different for every family and every kid, but it is INEVITABLE that every kid will have access to phones and screens. So how do we help them?

What worked 10 years ago, may not work today. Heck, what works now will probably change in 6 months. Technology evolves FAST.

If it feels like you can't keep up, I have some ideas.

  • When is the right time to give your kid a phone?
  • Setting age-appropriate boundaries
  • Knowing your kids phone better than they do
  • How much screen time is too much?
  • Teaching kids about respect and privacy
  • Modeling how to positively use technology
  • Using parental controls

I believe that you can't rewind childhood, but you can fast-forward it-- and phones tend to be really good at fast-forwarding our kids.

Listen up if you want to hear some tips on how to help your child live in real-time with (or without) a phone.


Want to hear from a teenager about what it's like growing up with social media? Listen to my son Losiah share his thoughts here: Episode 35: How does growing up with social media REALLY affect our kids?

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