Episode 127: Owning Your Heritage (And Writing A BOOK About It) With Johanna Rojas Vann

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Human Hope familia, let me introduce you to my new friend and this show’s VERY FIRST novelist: Johanna Rojas Vann!!! 

When I tell you this woman is a BRILLIANT storyteller, I’m not lying. 

I don’t think I’ve ever identified with a guest as much as I do with Johanna… and she writes about our shared experience as the children of Latino immigrants so thoughtfully. 

Listen when I tell you that Johanna’s novel so BEAUTIFULLY portrays the intricacies and importance of what it means to be, have, and love immigrants in this country. 

And remember, whether you’re a child of an immigrant or not, your family has stories. Maybe you’ll write a book about them, maybe you won’t. But take the time to listen, and you just might be surprised by what you learn. 


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