Episode 128: What Bees Can Teach Us About LIFE with Jay Williams

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I LOVE BEES!! And today we are talking ALL about bees!

When I learned about bees and how they operate, I was BLOWN away and immediately addicted to learning all about bees.

My friend Danica introduced me to Jay Williams and his bee school and can I just say, Jay and his bee school changed. The trajectory. Of my life.

Me, the guy who used to be terrified of bees, ordered 20,000 bees (Yes all those zeroes are supposed to be there!). I drove with all 20,000 bees IN MY TRUCK. When I tell you I would have wrecked my truck if one of them LANDED ON ME!! (You can watch the full story on my Instagram under my bee highlight).

This episode is about way more than just some technical bee talk. Jay is one fascinating human being. He comes from working in Hollywood as a cameraman, his sister is Kim Paisley Williams from Father of the Bride, he ends up being a firefighter, and BEES ended up being the thing that really saved his life.

I went out to Southall Farms where Jay is the Pollination Program Manager (and in charge of 4 MILLION bees!), put a mic on Jay and he was so gracious to share his story and knowledge.  We talk all about what bees can teach us about life and the HOPE we can learn about from bees!


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