Episode 129: It's Never Too Late Series w/ Middle-Age Fitness Queen Mimi Ison

Listen to this episode HERE.

What is up, Human Hope Familia?! I’ll tell you what’s up— my age. That’s right. You know I turned 50 last month, and even just 2 months ago that would have really stressed me out.

But today? Not at all. I even got an AARP application in the mail, and I didn’t break a sweat.

And you know who helped me feel confident in my middle-age? Today’s guest: Mimi Ison.

Mimi LITERALLY changed my life and my viewpoint on aging. If I’m not getting old, I’m dead. Aging is a GIFT, people!

Mimi is a pro-age movement motivator. She’s a blogger and anti-ageism advocate. She’s crushing stereotypes all over the internet @heymiddleage.

This series is for those of you who think “it’s too late.” NO. IT’S. NOT.


You can find Mimi on Instagram at instagram.com/heymiddleage

You can find Mimi online at heymiddleage.com

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