Episode 132: Is There A "Perfect Time" To Go and DO w/Chris and Sara

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This episode is such a GIFT. We are being joined by two dear friends to me. I know we wrapped up the It’s Never Too Late Series last week but after doing this interview, I really think that this episode will INSPIRE you to go on a new adventure or a new journey and IT IS NOT TOO LATE!

Chris and Sara are full time digital nomads - they work FULL TIME on the road. Chris has designed so much of what you see - some my book covers, my website, and he has been a huge part of my life and my team.

What I love about this conversation is we talk so much about RISK and STORY TELLING.

What I think you will really connect with is that we lean into the idea of “is there ever a perfect time to go and DO?”

I am so excited for you to be blessed by this conversation with two friends I am so happy for you to meet!


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