Episode 134: Hope For the Innocent Part 2 w/Wayne Burgess

Listen to this episode HERE!

This week is part two of our mini series, Hope for the Innocent. We have my new friend Wayne Burgess on and he helps to give us a look at what the back half of a wrongful conviction looks like. Last week, we talked with Artis who is STILL in prison and this week, Wayne is going to tell us what it has been like since he has been FREED from a wrongful conviction.

Wayne shares with us where he got his HOPE from, and we get to hear a unique point of view from someone who has been released.

I appreciate so much how you all shared last week’s episode and would love for you to share this week’s episode too! These stories are far too common and need to be heard.

*This week we get into a little more details about the case that involved a wrongful death, so trigger warning if you think it could be too much for you or if you have littles around!


Help Wayne Burgess after his exoneration HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-wayne-burgess-after-his-exoneration

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