Episode 136: A Jaw Dropping Conversation with Mi Papá

Listen to this episode HERE

I CANT EVEN WITH THIS EPISODE!!! There are so many jaw dropping moments! My Tia Nancy and my Papa came to Nashville for Thanksgiving. My Papa has always been a man of few words, spoke Spanish (which I forgot by the time I was in second grade), and lived far from me, so we didn’t have many of your typical grandparent/grandchild moments together. But. While he was here, I really thought to myself how important it is to me that I get to know him. So, I decided to pull out the microphone and start asking him questions.

We talk about his FASCINATING life story. The cultural differences. What it was like in the 40s to COURT my grandmother. What it was like while SHE was making more money than HIM.

We get into the problems in our culture TODAY.

Out of this conversation I hope you realize that it doesn’t matter what the perspective is that you come from, THIS conversation will blow. Your. mind. AND may shift some things inside of you like it did me.


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