Episode 138: Update From Tokyo with Sohaila and Heather

Listen to this episode HERE!

This week is a special treat! My beautiful wife Heather and beautiful daughter Sohaila are joining me!!!! We are currently in TOKYO!! I maaaaaybe sprung this on them a little last minute and we were all maaaaybe a little jet-lagged… but I love any time they will join me on the podcast!!

When each of my kids turned 16, Heather and I decided instead of buying our kids cars, we offered to take them ANYWHERE in the WORLD. Sohaila decided on Tokyo and a few years later, we are finally doing it (also so I can hit diamond on Delta)!!!

On today’s episode we jump into all of Sohaila’s feelings about getting married soon and all that’s been going into planning!

We check in with Heather and hear about why she isn’t on Instagram anymore since everyone is missing her!!

And we all share what is SURPRISING us about Tokyo along with our favorite moments so far!


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