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Carlos has a gift of captivating an audience with highly actionable stories that lead and inspire with his experience, joy, wit, and honesty.
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From inspiring rooms of Fortune 500 CEOs to spreading hope to nonprofit volunteers.  From fund raisers with 200 philanthropists to arenas of 10,000 sales agents. From public school districts on Monday... to entrepreneur conferences on Wednesday... To churches on Sundays...

Carlos has become addicted to standing on stages and slinging hope all over the world!
Another incredible update is I have been signed exclusively to Premier Speakers Bureau.They have opened the door to incredible opportunities for me and have been a great partner in this season.  I would LOVE to come and inspire the group of people you have been charged with pressing forward in life.I obviously love to teach on my books Kill The Spider, Moment Maker, Enter Wild, & How To Human but also have been busy teaching on diversity and inclusion in a more story-driven and inspiring way. So the topic is up to you and I promise I will crush it.I love inspiring rooms of 12k as much as I love inspiring rooms of 120.
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